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The Poet of Footsies, is here to bring your footsie fetish fantasies to full footastic realities. Erotic Poetry with ASMR, BDSM, Yoga, Foodies, Down and Dirtys, and more coming your way. 😉 Accepting Requests.
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Feeling under the weather, my feet are quite cold. I'm putting on my furry socks, hoping the warmth will be bold. Can you come over, share your strong body heat? In return do as you wish, take your pleasure from my feet...Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

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Putting on my black boots, they make me feel awfully sexy. Despite being quite shy, it turns me on that I catch your eye. It's strange the effect these things can have, I feel silly. But at the same time, I enjoy this power that fills me. I see your loins are stirring, the imagination whirring. What would you like to see me do next? Am I running a fever, I’m feeling overly sexed…Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

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The tricks of my tongue upon your well-hung bits I like to play at the end of day, helping you unwind, making your hips grind as forwards and aft I lick on your shaft of muscle, gristle while nipples bristle against your bare knees. I hear your vain pleas in such moansome tones they get to my bones...Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

Good morning my love. Woke up needing a sweet release with you. Reaching down beneath the covers. Rubbing your c*ck over your thin boxers. At the same time sliding your hand down my panties to rub my already wet clit. Loving the feel if your hardness in my hand. Sliding you out of your boxers. Making your wish my command…Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

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Good morning my love. Woke up needing a sweet release with you…Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

Lying in the tub, soaking in bubbles to my breasts. Washing my aching feet, will you take over to give myself a rest? I want to feel your hands on me, massage my aching soles. Go ahead and take the reins, I want you in control…Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

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I’ve been smelling your lingering scent all day. Once you arrive, our naughty indiscretions we play... Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

Saturday mornings are for me and barre. Stretching out the kinks from Fridays bizarre. Do you like to watch me move my limbs and feet for you? I’m your puppet, move my strings, show me something new to do… Yours, 💋thefootsiepoet

To all you handsome ones I have poetically loved with my mind. Mmm… today you will be my handsome Valentine. Entwined souls soaring to the Heaven resting our hearts among the stars. To befall of its beautiful glory unto my man of Mars. You are invited to my Presidential Suite. I feel the carnal heat as our eyes meet. Meet me in the shower, we can start our night of bliss there. Exploring each other’s bodies, making me moan, shudder, and swear… Your Valentine, 💋thefootsiepoet

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Bent over on hands and knees. Gazing over my shoulder begging please. I open my legs nice and wide. My lips are in plain sight. You slam your d*ck past them. Holy fuck, deliciously tight… 💋thefootsiepoet

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