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Hi! I am Tootsie and my sister and I are working on becoming famous Footfluncers! We're a size 7 and love to make new feet friends!
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Cleaning is so much easier when you have a specific set of skills like ours. Lol. Tootsie loves you ❤️

Mismatched fuzzy socks? Plush beat up slippers? It must be bedtime 🌙 😴 Gotta get my beauty sleep and get amped up for tomorrow! Work calls and i must go... Goodnight to all my foot friends! Tootsie loves you ❤️

OMG! I found my Von Dutch high tops from high school! A little beat up but still super cute. Tootsie loves you ❤️

Since Twinkle and I are feet we are connected to a lady. We've been asking her to show what she looks like and she's said no until now... Wanna see pics of the woman behind (above?) the feet? Cause if you're curious, just take a peek... Also adding a couple of the very first feet pics we ever took to give you more BANG for you buck! I added a Harley Quinn Cosplay for any Batman fans out there! Tootsie loves you ❤️

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I need a pedicure and polish change! Time to say goodbye to my now weird looking lunar nail polish. Time to fix those dry heels and take a long soak! Soon we will look so much better but for now, check out my gross, icky, in need of a pedi, feet. I hardly ever let them get this blah! Check out bare feet in need of a soak and pedicure! Tootsie loves you ❤️

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Old favorite boots VS new boots. I don't know if I'm ready to give up my old ones... I've been wearing them for 2yrs! Remember, We're Tootsie and Twinkle, Footfluncers. We want to fufill all of your desires. We will make custom content for you, just let us know! We don't do business outside of Foot Finders though. Although Tootsie loves you all, we won't respond to anyone who wants to make off platform purchases. Tootsie loves you ❤️

Just out of the bathtub bare feet tops on red and green towels. How cute are we! Our second toes are longer than our big toe! Tootsie loves you ❤️

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We're pretty talented if you ask me. Why bend down to take off your socks when your little piggies double as fingers?! This isn't the only thing we can do with our toesies. This is simple for us. We can do a whole lot more. Use your imagination ; )

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So Twinkle and I asked the woman whom we're attached to if she would ever show her face on our account. She said "We'll talk later. It's my day off." Guess that explains the mismatched socks from Y2K.

Still splashing around! Join us in the tubby! (Part 3)

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